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Rosarito, Baja California

Located in the Pacific Ocean coast in the Northern mexican state of Baja California, Playas de Rosarito is only 30 minutes south of the US/Mexican border with California. Established by Dominic missionaries in 1772, the "Misión del Santo Rosario", later changed to it's diminutive, Rosarito, was part of the old "Camino Real de las Misiones". In 1885 the Mexican government acknowledged the farming and agricultural region as "el Rancho de Rosarito", date which is considered the official founding date.

It's tourism development began with the opening of the Rosarito Beach Resort and the Rosarito Beach Hotel in 1924, and grew due to it's beaches, abundant sea food, especially lobster, well known services and hospitality of the local population. In 1995 Rosarito was named a independent Municipality.

Here you will find a wide variety of beaches, easy access, lots of fun activities, including some of the best surfing conditions, a warm climate most of the year, and a large selection of hotels, European style spas, wide range of dinning options and a working movie studio and museum where "Titanic" was filmed in 1996.

Rosarito offers you some of the best mexican crafts including jewelry, ceramics, tile, toys, but it is primarily know for it's top quality wood furnishing design.

Current changes in the Mexican law have made easier and guarantee safe investing in real estate for non-Mexican foreigners. Various U.S. corporations currently offer financial services like bank trust, loans and title insurance for real estate purchases in Mexico. The Baja California state government reported that in 2005 foreign investments in the region reached $17 billion dollars and it is estimated to reach $20 billion by 2006. It is estimated that close to 400,000 U.S. citizens own a home in Rosarito.

Thanks to low real estate prices, low property taxes, low cost health services, and a high standard of services and it's proximity to the U.S., many retirees, pensioners and senior citizens have chosen to invest in the Baja California coast and maintain a high living standard, even higher that in some U.S. regions. Condo and housing developments in the region are being built with the same high standards used in California, including all basic services and some other like cell phone, internet access, satellite t. v., private security, among many.

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